An art action by South Italy Street Art “I had a dream, to change the world,” said Angela Davis …. it is the same dream that moves our art. Fighting against the injustices of the world and for the realization of a better world. Fairer, more humane, more beautiful. STREET ART SOUTH ITALY

‘CLANDESTINO’ by Chekos’art

“Clandestino” for Villa Matta occupata (Ex Mattatoio), via san Nicola, 1, Lecce (South Italy) Giornata dedicata all’Arte in occasione della nuova occupazione dell’ex-mattatoio , presentazione del libro ” STREET ART La rivoluzione nelle strade “di Ennio Ciotta , Live Painting   by Chekos’ Art. WE ARE ALL ILLEGAL  

Laboratorio Stencil x Street Art Day

LABORATORIO di STENCIL Per 5 giorni, un gruppo tra piccoli e grandi insieme a Chekos’art ha progettato e realizzato questo unico stencil nell’ambito di STREET ART DAY presso Manifatture Knoss

Soleto 2014, Laboratorio di Urban Art

The next step of requalification of public space For 3 days, children from the School in Soleto (Lecce) could try to become an urban artist while Chekos’art, Frank Lucignolo, Pat changed the wall of the school from grey to colorfull!                 


“People are equal only inequality divides them” MURAL AGAINST RACISM On 15 april, racist attackers tried to set fire to a flat inhabited by a refugee family in Bilaystok, Poland. As  artists we wanted to give our support to everyone who suffers by discrimination attacks.  “People are equal only inequality divides them”. “Ludzie sa rowni…