“A dream in never just a dream”

22-02-2015 Laboratory of stencil at Aracnea – Centro Culturale ed Artistico        6 partecipants that improved what is stencil and how to use it.  Together with Chekos’art they worked during one day laboratory cutting this original stencil directly on the wall of Aracnea.   #Kubrick #Cinema #stencil #charie #chaplin #cutting

STENCIL RIOT – open call to all stencil artists

STENCIL RIOT☆ OPEN CALL STENCIL ARTIST New Project bySouth Italy Street Art Group Mad. curators: CHEKOS’ART/Mr.P/STENCILNOIRE Continuing the search and evolutions of new and differents styles’ The event, Stencil Riot’ will be a collection of National and the partecipation of international well know artists wich will present work that’s been create by the use of…