Soleto 2014, Laboratorio di Urban Art

The next step of requalification of public space For 3 days, children from the School in Soleto (Lecce) could try to become an urban artist while Chekos’art, Frank Lucignolo, Pat changed the wall of the school from grey to colorfull!                 

STENCIL RIOT – open call to all stencil artists

STENCIL RIOT☆ OPEN CALL STENCIL ARTIST New Project bySouth Italy Street Art Group Mad. curators: CHEKOS’ART/Mr.P/STENCILNOIRE Continuing the search and evolutions of new and differents styles’ The event, Stencil Riot’ will be a collection of National and the partecipation of international well know artists wich will present work that’s been create by the use of…

Art in Urban Spaces, Tetovo, Macedonia,2013

Art in urban spaces, exchange project beetwen Poland, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Italy. mix of creativity and fun! waiting for another step!